DMT Dialogues – Encounters with the Spirit Molecule

In September 2015, The Tyringham Initiative hosted ten of the world’s leading luminaries noted for exploring the mysterious compound dimethyltryptamine (DMT), at Tyringham Hall, home of Anton Bilton.

DMT Dialogues – Encounters with the Spirit Molecule, documents the exchange of ideas among these leading thinkers in the field and includes presentations and discussions on DMT entities, the pineal gland, the possibility of DMT as a chemical messenger from an extra-terrestrial civilization, the Amazonian shamanic perspective on Invisible Entities, morphic resonance, and the science behind hallucinations.

Presenters and contributors included Rupert Sheldrake, Rick Strassman, Dennis McKenna, Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Erik Davis, Ede Frecska, Luis Eduardo Luna, Peter Meyer, Jill Purce, David Luke, and Cosmo Feilding Mellen, among many others.

DMT Dialogues is published by Park Street Press a division of Inner Traditions. The book will be on sale from 7th August 2018 and includes an introduction entitled: Exploring Entheogenic Entity Encounters written by Anton Bilton.

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