My take is that Brexit won’t happen

My take is Brexit won’t happen. It’s just such a hard mountain to climb and there will be innumerable casualties. I’m with Lord Kerr. “In a democracy (like in a boardroom or a household or on a battlefield) it is always possible to think again and to choose a different direction.” This is particularly the case when one finds oneself incapable of sorting out the gargantuan issues ahead. People are sick of it already. We are shunned by Europe. Paris will steal the City business. London Resi’ values are plummeting and will continue to do so. Business confidence is falling. Investors are looking overseas. Love him or hate him Tony Blair is right “We feel like a country which has lost its footing and is stumbling; but seemingly with no choice but to stagger on.” Any general knows you can’t win a war if 48% of your troops aren’t with you. Any businessmen knows the importance of a Special Resolution decision. Any parent knows you can’t have a family movie night if half the audience don’t want to watch the chosen movie. ┬áThis is all common sense. 52/48 just does NOT work. Some of my hardest decisions have been based on recognising that “my idea” didn’t have team support and that I had to give it up. It’s time for our country to do the same thing, tale between legs but accepting that the “old way” wasn’t too bad and that we’re better off remaining in the Club we helped build.