Soul Searcher

At 42 years of age Marcus Carnegie is a major force on Wall Street and acknowledged as the preeminent LBO deal maker in the media sector having amassed a personal fortune of $800 million. Like many in his materially focused world his personal life is imbalanced and unfulfilled having always come second to his materialistic ambitions and despite his recognition of this, the pull of his commercial life continues to make any conscious changes to rebalance his life extremely difficult.

And then, in a split second of misplaced distraction, his world is shattered and his entire life is turned upside down by a horrific car accident in which he is horrendously injured and his wife Susan is killed.

Fighting for his life on the hospital operating table, Marcus has what he later discovers to have been Near Death Experience (NDE) during which he makes brief but inconclusive contact with his now dead wife. Marcus suddenly faces the recognition that he has lost the only real thing of any value in his life; and that he alone was the cause…….

Highly disoriented and with his previously hard held materialistic beliefs now completely undermined by the profundity of the spiritual experience of the NDE, he becomes obsessed with the prospect of recreating his experience on the operating table in an attempt to once again journey back into death to say sorry and goodbye to the wife he killed.

Assisted by highly respected and pioneering scientist Dr Hemlo Goldstein and through a series of extraordinary experiments with sensory deprivation tanks, mind altering chemicals and eastern mystic methodologies they enter the domain of pure consciousness, beyond death in search of Mark’s wife and the answer to our very existence.

So begins a journey of spiritual awakening; revelation and discovery that they find simultaneously terrifying but equally revealing and uplifting. Concurrent with this journey of exploration Marcus has to struggle with the vicious betrayal of his business partner, Charlie Bloomfield, and his attempts to seize all the wealth and resources that Marcus has now personally determined to put to philanthropic use.

Through a series of remarkable heart-stopping experiments Marcus embarks on a journey in which he faces both extraordinary and disturbing spiritual revelations where he is forced to come to terms with not only his own inadequacies, but also the full horror of earlier existences and where he finally discovers the reasons for his life past, present and future. Only with this realisation does he eventually find enlightenment and peace of mind.

Set against the story of Marcus is another compelling tale, about two young teenage lovers from Oklahoma, Matt and Cathy, whose plans are thwarted by Cathy’s religious fundamentalist father, Cyrus. When Cathy becomes pregnant Cyrus is outraged and responds by sending her far away from Matt to have her baby with relatives in Ohio. But the couple’s love is too strong and Matt tracks her down and the pair plan to run away to be married. At the last moment and just as their plans mature, Cyrus arrives and in a desperate attempt to escape from her father Cathy is knocked down by a car. She is taken straight to hospital in an attempt to save her and her unborn baby.

At the end of the novel the two stories come together in an extraordinarily surprising way with Marcus, Hemlo and his new psychic friend Constance purposefully seeking out Matt, Cathy and their unborn child in Ohio.

Soul Searcher is a modern day parable of redemption and revelation. A spiritual adventure full of passion, extraordinarily profound insights, violence, wisdom and even betrayal it carries messages of truth and hope that will undoubtedly strike a chord with countless people and which will inevitably cause many to re-examine their own values, fears and belief systems.

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